Working Remotely, Remote Business & SEO w. Tim Jaschke (TRT Spotlight)

Tim Jaschke is currently in the process of launching his SEO / Media agency. His primary mission is to increase the attention his customers receive. In order to fulfill that mission, he is leveraging SEO (search engine optimization) to increase his customers’ organic reach. The second aspect of his work is making media outlets such as blogs, online magazines, but also newspapers aware of his customers. He is primarily working with startups and focuses on eCommerce businesses.


Hi Tim, can you tell us a bit about your remote work experience?

Compared to other remote workers featured in this segment, I’m fairly new to the game. I only started my remote business in November 2019, meaning that I’m currently three months in. Loving every second of it, though.


I started executing SEO – relevant measures on Shopify shops and websites. In parallel, I started writing blog posts for different online shops. I enjoy changing tasks from time to time, otherwise, I would get caught in a silo and, to be honest, bored. Since then, I have continued to write blog posts and started to write portrays of startups for newspapers as well. I’m either ghostwriting articles or publishing under my real name. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve started to develop more into marketing copywriting. I’m currently working on b2b brochures and fine-tuning websites to transport marketing messages effectively.



Working remotely gives me the opportunity to connect with customers that are not only in a different location but sometimes even a different timezone than myself. I would have never been able to do so many projects if they had required my physical presence. In order to work more efficiently and handle my growing customer base, I have to plan my time very carefully.


In order to get the most out of your own remote work experience, I strongly recommend becoming proficient with different collaboration tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Loom. Many customers are using one or more of those.



What is your best tip for SEO?

Be patient. I know it sounds very simple, but it actually really hard to do! Many businesses want organic reach via Google NOW, right this instant. That is not how it works. SEO can be very cost-efficient (not to say, inexpensive), but you do need time. And a lot of it. Many measures will only have an effect on your impressions and/or clicks after a couple of weeks or even months. If you do invest time and a little money for a great copywriter, however, you are likely to be rewarded with a growing organic reach.


Where can people learn more from you and connect with you?

I’m all about LinkedIn these days. It’s my main source for leads and valuable business connections. It’s where I share my experiences, best practices – but also failures. It has become a fast-growing ecosystem for entrepreneurs, thought leaders and, of course, remote workers. Just search for my name Tim Jaschke and I will be more than happy to connect. Of course, you can also shoot me an email to


– Team @ The Remote Trip



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