Why Work Remotely in Thailand

Thailand has been popular among expats and digital nomads alike for a long time now. In fact, an ASEAN Post write-up on digital nomads in S.E. Asia found that there were over 2,000 digital nomads in Thailand as of June 2019, stating that the country is a great place for millennials to head to for comfort, affordability and a warm climate.

From Chiang Mai to Bangkok, the country is full of delightful surprises for digital nomads to enjoy. So, if you aren’t convinced yet, we’ve outlined a few reasons why you should visit the Land of the Free:

It’s a great place to find great food
Thai food is well known for being delicious — you’ll never have to eat the same dish twice. Cuisine also changes as your location does, as there are plenty of different food specialties all around the country. Aside from having amazing Pad Thai and Tom Yum Goong, try Gaeng Som, a spicy and sour yellow fish soup you can find in Southern Thailand, or Kai Yang, a type of grilled chicken in the northeast part of the country.

It’s an affordable place to live
The cost of living in Thailand is known to be relatively cheap — but unless you’re going after the typical Western-luxury, expect to shell out a little more. You can expect to spend around $900 to $1,500 a month on accommodation, depending on where in the country you’ll go. Bangkok and Chiang Mai are the most expensive, but you’ll get to save more on costs if you’re bunking with a roommate or staying at a hostel. The cost of food is also affordable, as Thailand is known for having the tastiest and cheapest street food ($1.5-$2 for Pad Thai, anyone?). As for transportation, the systems in the bigger cities are well developed, with a train pass costing only $35.5 per month.

It serves as an excellent travel hub
Thailand’s location means you will be smack-bang in the middle of Asia. An ExpatBet’s guide to Thailand explains how it borders countries like Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Not to mention, it’s just 3 hours away from Hong Kong, 2 hours from Singapore, 4 from Bali, and a half-way stop between Australia and Europe. Moving to your next destination is far easier in Thailand, which is an appealing factor for many digital nomads.

It’s a nation full of amazing people
Getting to explore different cultures is one of the perks of being a digital nomad — and Thailand is a culture to discover. The Culture trip’s feature on visiting Thailand notes how this nation is full of friendly people. Perhaps it’s the locals’ traditional greeting Wai, where they slightly bow and put their hands together, or how many Thais eat family style. Either way, with a national motto like “man pen rai, meaning “don’t worry” or “it’s okay”, the nation certainly gives off an overall friendly and chill vibe to it.

Thailand isn’t the only Southeast Asian country worth visiting — Taiwan is too. As another connection hub with great food and easy way of getting around, both Taipei and Thailand have much to offer digital nomads looking for a new place to discover. 

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