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TRT MasterCourse:  Kickstart Your Own Remote Business & Work From Anywhere 

Everything you need to know to launch & grow your remote freelance or entrepreneurial business in 2019, in one place!



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Access the blueprint that has helped other successful freelancers and online business owners who started just like you. Follow along step-by-step as we walk you through everything you need to have in place to be able to launch & grow your freelance or online business.

Each module will help you work your way towards your own remote business so you can from work from anywhere, one step at a time. Here’s what’s covered:



Heavy Check Mark on Microsoft Module 1: Mindset, Goal Setting & Long-term Vision

Your mindset, goals, and long-term vision form the essential foundations for starting your own remote business as a freelancer or entrepreneur. You’ll learn:


    • Mindset & Goal-Setting Crash Course: The 7 core techniques to discover your true goals in life, your core values, and happiness habits you need to have in place to lead a happy, authentic, and stress-free remote business.


    • Your New Best Friend: Our number one tool to set yourself up for success, happiness, and freedom in your business & personal life.


    • Time & Productivity Management Crash Course: How to create more time, more productivity, and more headspace in your life to reach your ultimate business goals.


    • Dealing with Uncertainty Crash Course: Practical tips & tricks on how to deal with uncertainty, fear, and resistance when starting your own remote business.


    • BONUS: We believe there is so much wisdom in books. Therefore, we unlock ONE EXCLUSIVE SUMMARY of a book that has impacted our lives MOST, and helped us when starting our own remote business as freelancers and entrepreneurs, at the end of every model (incl. best-sellers in this industry, e.g. “the 4-Hour Workweek”, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”, “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”, etc.).

…and more!



Heavy Check Mark on Microsoft Module 2: The 7-Step Roadmap To Get Your Own Remote Business All Set Up

This module is all about building your ultimate roadmap to owning a successful remote business as a freelancer or entrepreneur & work from anywhere. In this module, you’ll learn:


    • Get Paid For Your  Current Skills: How to transfer your current skills to your own remote business.


    • Identify Your Sweet Spot: What kind of remote business fits you best? The importance of skills, passion, and gaps in the market to find your sweet spot.


    • Skill Gap Analysis: How to conduct the ultimate Skills Gap Analysis & create an action plan to close the gap, so you can make any remote business dream a reality.


    • The Perfect 7-Step Roadmap: Creating Your 7-Step Roadmap To Owning A Successful Remote Business & Work From Anywhere.


    • BONUS: This week’s exclusive summary of one of our favorite impactful books.

…and more!



Heavy Check Mark on Microsoft Module 3: Build The Essential Foundations of Your Own Remote Business

This module is all about building the foundations of your new remote business to set you up for success. In this module, you’ll learn:


    • Business Crash Course: How to perform a thorough market and competitor analysis, craft the perfect business plan, evaluate your pricing strategies, and make a solid financial analysis so you have a holistic view of your remote business.


    • Accounting Crash Course: How to use our number one tool to keep track of your finances, so you don’t have to anxiously await those accounting deadlines.


    • Administrative Crash Course: How to incorporate your business, set up an international business bank account that suits the needs of remote business owners, taxes, business insurances, etc.


    • BONUS: This week’s exclusive summary of one of our favorite impactful books.

…and more!



Heavy Check Mark on Microsoft Module 4: Creating The Perfect Online Professional Brand To Attract Clients & Customers

It’s time to make your remote business come to live in the online world! In this module, you’ll learn:


    • Web creation crash course: How to create a complete & impressive website for your remote business step-by-step in a FAST, EASY, and PROFESSIONAL way.


    • Design crash course: Our 3 best design tricks to easily create your business logo, figure out what colors schemes to use, and craft compelling professional pictures & videos in a fast, easy, and cheap (read: free) way.


    • Social media crash course: How to leverage the world’s biggest social media platforms to showcase your brand, promote your services, and attract new clients & customers.


    • BONUS: This week’s exclusive summary of one of our favorite impactful books.

…and more!



Heavy Check Mark on Microsoft Module 5: Get Your First Paying Client or Customer & Grow Your Business

You’ve come a far way at this point! But, the most important question: where to find paying clients and customers that want to pay for your service? In this module, you’ll learn:


    • Sales & Marketing Crash Course: Get to know our 3 best secrets to find & keep new clients and customers, and how to grow your business using sales funnels, email marketing, and copywriting techniques


    • Essential Business Documents Crash Course: How to craft professional-looking proposals, contracts, invoices, and reports for your clients & customers.


    • Scaling, Outsourcing, & Automating Crash Course: Create business systems that work on autopilot and learn our 3 tricks to outsource & automate your business so you can free up your time


    • BONUS: This week’s exclusive summary of one of our favorite impactful books.

…and more!



Heavy Check Mark on Microsoft Module 6: Work From Anywhere & Travel the World As a Remote Freelancer & Entrepreneur

Yes, your business is up and running! Now what? In this module, you’ll learn:


    • Remote Business Skills Crash Course: How to manage your time and projects, communicate with your team (if any) and your international clients and customers, and learn how to handle awkward questions such as “so… where did you say your business is located?”


    • Work & Travel Hacks: 7 Secrets every remote worker needs to know: from learning how to deal with jetlag, culture shock, and finding your new routine, to making new friends in an unfamiliar environment


    • Worldwide Remote Work Destination Secrets: Where to find the best co-working spaces & cafés in the world, hidden remote work travel destinations + 6 exclusive E-Guides to some of the hottest remote work destinations all over the world, waiting for you to explore!


    • BONUS: This week’s exclusive summary of one of our favorite impactful books.

…and more!


Each week, a new module will be unlocked that will cover the next step towards your location-independent lifestyle.

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This course is for you if:

Heavy Check Mark on Microsoft  You’re itching to break free from your traditional office job and are ready for the future of working remote, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere!

Heavy Check Mark on Microsoft  You love the idea of being your own boss and having COMPLETE flexibility to work on whatever project you like, whenever you like –  WHILST having a higher earning potential than employees

Heavy Check Mark on Microsoft  You don’t know the exact steps to take to kickstart your freelance or online business


This course is NOT for you if:

❌ You are already an experienced and successful remote freelancer or online business owner

❌ You aren’t willing to invest the time and effort to launch & grow your own remote business (this MasterCourse requires a dedicated effort on your part to make your new lifestyle of freedom a reality!)

❌ You LOVE working from your 9-to-5 office cubicle, and are not interested in having more flexibility & freedom to choose to work & travel wherever you want


*Disclaimer: The Remote Trip is not a job provider. With our MasterCourses, we aim to provide you with the right resources, knowledge, and tools to increase the chances of making the transition to remote work a success. Please note: we don’t advise you to quit your current job when taking our courses (or at least make sure to have enough financial security), but instead work through our material and take the recommended steps WHILE working at your current job – and take the leap whenever you feel ready.



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We can’t wait to see you inside our TRT MasterCourse and to help you change your life forever!

Here’s to living life on your own terms,

The Remote Trip Team

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