The Remote Trip

Opens Up Our Most Popular Trip…

to Bali, Indonesia

Why our community loves Bali


Last year, we traveled with our community of remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to the most vibrant remote work hot spots in the world, including Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Panama, Croatia, Portugal, etc.


This year, we’ve cherrypicked our most popular destination to open it up to more people like you!


Are you ready to explore the charm of Bali during your next remote trip?

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✔ Immerse yourself in the Balinese culture:

Get to know the locals, enjoy Balinese traditions, and experience the beauty of the island


✔ Taste the delicious Balinese cuisine:

Enjoy healthy smoothie bowls, gado gado, soto soup, satay ayam (chicken), and fresh coconuts – delivered at your desk!


✔ Enjoy Balinese memorable activities: 

Start your day with a mindful yoga session, enjoy relaxing massages, or take an adventurous hike up a volcano or surfing trip


✔ Connect with a like-minded community

Meet fellow like-minded remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs and explore Bali together


Our TRT community gives our Bali Trip a
4.8 out of 5-star rating and are 100% likely to refer us to a friend!

What your trip will look like…

Private accommodation & bathroom

We’ve carefully selected our accommodation to give you the best value possible.

Our accommodations come with private room + bathroom (incl. bedlinen and towels), high-speed internet, AC & swimming pool. You can add daily Balinese breakfast as an option.

This accommodation is ideal for remote workers because of its prime location close to the co-working space (+/- 5 min. walking distance), Monkey Forrest (+/- 10 min. walking distance), and city center (+/- 5 min. by scooter).

Rating on 9.0

24/7 Co-working space

We’ve been to many co-working spaces ALL over the world… and this one is BY FAR our favorite!

Connect with fellow like-minded remote employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, while sipping your coconut behind your desk, ordering a nasi fried rice with satay ayam, and taking a dip in the private pool…

Highlights: 24/7 access, AC, skype booths, dedicated silent area, weekly massages, food delivery in the co-working space, friendly staff, workshops & events, communal activities, private co-working space pool… everything you need for an ultimate remote trip!

Like-minded community

Connect, get inspired, and make life-long friends with fellow remote employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs and explore Bali together!

Local experiences

Experience the charm of Bali: We especially love Bali because the locals will make you feel at home instantly.

Enjoy home-made Balinese food where you’re treated as if you’re family at our beloved “Mama Warung”, admire the daily offerings to the gods, and witness local traditions like the “Galungan Festival” in April (Balinese New Year).

Bucketlist Activities

Do you LOVE activities that make you really feel ALIVE? Bali is waiting for you to cross off bucketlist items.

The island is home to the best white water rafting rivers, mountain and volcano hikes, surfing, diving, snorkling, waterfall hikes, camping tours… and a lot more.

You won’t get bored for sure.

Health & wellbeing

Your health and wellbeing is what matters to us. Bali is the perfect destination to recharge your batteries, detox your body, and calm your mind.

The island offers many opportunities for yoga classes, meditation retreats, and healthy & delicious treats (perfect for vegetarians and vegans).

Get on our exclusive waitlist for FREE & enjoy early bird prices

Bookings for our trips to Bali will open soon!

What’s included?

✔ Private room + bathroom (incl. high-speed internet, AC & pool)

✔ 24/7 Co-working space membership + swimming pool

✔ Like-minded community

✔ Weekly massages at your desk

✔ Workshops & events at your co-working space

✔ Local Balinese city host



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✔ Breakfast

✔ Yoga or gym membership

Who are our trips for? 

✔ Remote employees

✔ Freelancers

✔ Entrepreneurs

✔ Aspiring remote workers (don’t have a remote job yet? Get started here or check out our TRT MasterCourses)


Who are our trips NOT for? 

✖️ Backpackers

✖️ Families

✖️ People looking for party holidays

Get on our exclusive waitlist for FREE & enjoy early bird prices

Bookings for our trips to Bali will open soon!