From 9-to-5 to Six-Figures/Year With Her Own Remote Business In Only 3 Years

Belinda Ngassa is a 6-figure/year business and lifestyle coach for solopreneurs for her remote business “Bee Wholly Living“. She  worked for one of  the Big Four consultancy firms, however, she decided to follow her heart and passion as she took the plunge into entrepreneurship and digital nomadism. She now runs her business 100% remotely for the last three years, and hasn’t looked back since!


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1.  Can you tell us a bit about yourself?


Sure! I’m Belinda, a business and lifestyle coach for solopreneurs, and have been running a 6 figure/year business remotely for the past 3 years. I started my career in consulting, working for one of the Big Four global strategy consulting firms. I did well and was on the fast track, however, I discovered that my heart and passion wasn’t in it. Every promotion felt empty, every achievement felt benign, and after 1 year of deciding (and planning my escape!) I took the jump into entrepreneurship and digital nomadism. And I haven’t looked back since!



2.  What kind of remote business do you have?


I run a coaching business that supports purpose-led entrepreneurs to create a business that aligns with their personal values. I coach those who want to achieve excellence and abundance in their business, without forfeiting their spiritual calling, personal development, and connection to self, and nature. I believe that both of these things are true: you can create a passion and purpose-based business that allows you to be your true self and live your purpose daily, AND you can be a successful entrepreneur who runs a 6 or 7 figure business masterfully. The two don’t cancel each other out- if anything, they both support each other and allow you to reach heights you’d never be able to with only one.


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3. How would you describe your remote business experience so far?


My remote experience has been wonderful! Entrepreneurship is the best path to self-development as building a business will cause you to face things about yourself you’d never have to as a 9-5 employee. The personal growth you experience on this path and the freedom you get to experience living life on your terms and building the reality you choose is second to none! And the bonus? Traveling to your heart’s desire! At this point, I’ve lived all over the world- from Hawaii to Jamaica, from London to now Bali and the knowledge that I can live anywhere, that I am self-sufficient and the world truly is my oyster, is the best reward!



4. What is the most important skill a remote business entrepreneur needs?


Perseverance. A lot of people have the wrong idea about the digital nomad life. Yes, traveling the world, having 4-hour workweeks and living the laptop lifestyle by the pool is absolutely part of it. I personally relish the days where I get to work by the pool sipping cocktails (although my friends are probably getting a little sick of my Instagram feed!) But there is also a lot of hard work behind it. Like keeping the right mindset when you have a client drought. Or working through rejection after rejection to get to your next yes. So beyond business acumen, sales skills, and everything else technical, perseverance would be the skill I would call out as being the most important. Persevering through the hard is the decider between great digital nomads and those who quit after a couple of months of hardship, running back to safety until the urge to be free rises up again.




5. What is the biggest success you’ve achieved with your remote business? 


I’d say my biggest success month would be my Hawaii experience as a whole! During my time in Hawaii, I not only had my first $25k month, but I was also able to break a lot of things off me during a spiritual retreat focused on ancestral traditions and healing my family line which catapulted me forward in life and in business. A lot of my beliefs around how to make money were broken in that time- I had inherited the institutionalized beliefs about making money and being successful and what that had to look like, and during my time in Hawaii I was able to shake those off. I started to create and shape the reality I wanted to inhabit, and I changed my business practices to fall in line with my belief and values system.  I would say the fact that I had a $25k month and also focused deeply on self-development is probably intrinsically linked- that’s why I put so much importance as an entrepreneur on my continued spiritual development and is also why I think I have had such success in my business!



6. What is the biggest success story of one of your clients?


My biggest success story is with a client I signed on in January. She was struggling with the decision to leave her 9-5 and follow her passion and purpose in a new business endeavor. In the first 2 weeks, we worked completely on her- her limiting beliefs, her self talk, her morning and evening routines, her money story, and beliefs. By the end of the 2nd week, she had made $6k! The problem wasn’t her strategy, it was her energy! Implementing new routines and catching negative self-talk was all it took for her to have the confidence to draw in her $6k contract. She adopted the “work smarter, not harder” mantra as her own, and saw it come true first hand. It was a wonderful experience to have so early on and this client has kept attracting wonderful opportunities and creating a whole new life for herself! She is currently working from Barbados, and is considering New Zealand as her new base- she has absolutely internalized the belief that the world truly is her oyster!



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7. What is your biggest challenge as a remote business entrepreneur, and how do you overcome it?


The biggest challenge is remaining connected. As a solopreneur, running my business on my own with remote employees, it is easy to slip into a state of self-isolation. I found that was my experience when I was traveling in Eastern Europe as the coworking community is not as built up as it is in other countries. So ensuring that you are connected virtually or physically within a coworking environment to a tribe of like-minded individuals is incredibly important. Finding a community that understands your challenges, and a mentor, coach, or someone you look up to that can continually invest in you, and keep you grounded when things don’t look the way you want them to is a way to overcome this challenge.



8. Can you share some best practices/strategies behind the success of your business that could help other entrepreneurs?


I’d say the best practices start and end with remaining true to what you are trying to create, why you want to do it and how you are going to serve your end customer. Spend time crafting your vision statement to include your “Big Why”. If it doesn’t make your heart beat faster when you read it, throw it in the bin and start again! The best processes, strategies, and routines stem from passion and purpose, as that is what will keep you going when it gets tough. From there, begin to build routines, habits, and rituals that will bring your vision statement into reality. Begin by focusing on your morning and evening routine. Then you can expand to look at your wealth creating strategies, ways in which you can create abundance whilst staying true to your mission and to your values. There’s so much I could say on this section but there’s not enough room in this interview to write what takes 6 months to coach people through! 


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9. Anything else you like to share?


I’d like to share a note of encouragement. This entrepreneurial life isn’t for everybody. If you ask the average person, they will say they are happy with their 9-5, average life. The fact that you have the desire to create something unique and to be free from the societal norm of working for 40 years and retiring is already proof that you have what it takes to achieve your dream. So don’t stress- you will get there! Equip yourself with the right support, surround yourself with the right community, and learn from mentors and coaches who have achieved what you are also trying to achieve, and sooner or later it will happen. With repeated action, perseverance, and a thirst for knowledge, growth, and expansion, you will get there. 



Where can people find and reach you?


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