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Hear what our TRT community says about their experience with us.

Advaith M.
I have never been through any other course or academic material with such ease & flow of information, not to mention its relevance to current times.  Moreover, the support and guidance provided by the founding members, Amy & Nathan, was simply flawless

Looking forward to keeping in touch with the TRT community in the years to come. I would undoubtedly recommend this course for anyone starting out to be a Remote Entrepreneur.
Sophie V.
The TRT MasterCourse is great - easy to understand, comprehensive, extensive and helped me define my long-term goals and values! It has a great number of references and tools and really helped me make the next step in my career.
Sophie V., Founder @ Moonshot Diversity & Inclusion
Hugo O.
The TRT MasterCourse team is a fantastic group of people that have helped me so much to start my own business while I travel the world. During the course, they provide the key tips to success in a remote business and also they show you the key tools to be able to be efficient and enjoy your trip. I totally recommend it.
Hugo O., Executive Director @ IntoScale
Ella C.
The people are obviously the best part! I love working with them and also having the chance to grab a beer at the end of the day, enjoying a massage, dinner, or to check out the jazz bar in the city.
Ella C., Chief Marketing Officer @ Minespider
Nathan M.
Highly recommended! I joined TRT for the first five months in different destinations all over the world, and I can honestly say it has been an unforgettable and character defining experience. TRT did a great job picking the best facilities, managing a seamless experience during the trip, and creating a positive vibe in the community. It's hard to choose, but if I had to pick one, I'd say Bali was definitely my favorite.
Nathan M., founder @ InFocus SEO
Jonathan R.
Have to rate the overall experience Very Good, as it really was fantastic.
Jonathan R., Writer & Owner @ Empire Blue Real Estate
Rob M.
This is a great option for those looking to travel while working, without the headache of planning and trying to make new friends along the way. The team did a fantastic job coordinating accommodation & activities throughout the trip, and made everyone in the community feel welcome & included.
Rob M., Real Estate Consultant @ Keller Williams Home
Victor K.
I loved the organized activities we did. It's clear that the team put a tremendous amount of thought and care into the activities we did and it was a great mix of personal/professional development and experiencing the local culture. These events definitely made the experience special and were things I would not have had a chance to do or would not have thought of doing those things myself.
Victor K., Senior Marketing Coordinator @ Logiwa
Doug S.
I was with The Remote Trip in Asia for three months - I loved flying into a new city each month and having a calendar full of interesting events and activities, while still being able to focus full-time on work. Most importantly, you get to share in Amy's (founder) passion for travel and be part of the diverse, open-minded community that she's building. Would recommend to anybody with location independence: experienced travelers or otherwise!
Doug S., Senior Software Engineer @ Toptal
Laurent S.
Great people, cool adventures, relaxing places. Much recommend. Written from my villa, by the pool, in Bali. Could it get any better?
Laurent S., Software Engineer @ Toptal
Shilaan A.
The "How to Work Remote, Travel the World, & Live Life on Your Own Terms" Ebook 2019 is such an inspiring resource! I really love the hands-on exercises and worksheets it provides which helped me identify and evaluate my long-term goals, marketable skills, and passions combined with a great source of inspiration. I love it!
Shilaan A., PhD @ Stanford University
Marco T.
Travel, work, have fun and meet incredible people. All this is The Remote Trip. I've been part of the Bali crew, and TRT brought us to experience the best of the island while living in a high-quality villa and working in one of the most vibrant coworking spaces of the area (and probably of South-East Asia).
Marco T., Software Engineer @ Canonical
Mandy F.
Last year I was still working in my 9-to-5 office cubicle in rainy Dublin. This year, thanks to the help & guidance of the TRT team, I've been working from California, Bali, Portugal, the Netherlands... and Colombia is up next! If you 're interested in working remote, I highly recommend TRT to help you in your journey.
Mandy F., freelance LinkedIn Specialist & founder of Make the Leap