Remote work, Online Business, & Growth w. Jason Fleagle (TRT Spotlight)

Jason Fleagle is the Founder of,, and the Director of Content Marketing with Motava. He’s worked with brands like John Maxwell Company, Ziglar Inc., Ziglar Family, Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, The Basement Doctor, Autism Power, the BBB, and many others.

Jason specialises in helping companies define and clarify their brand through an effective branding strategy, make more money through their sales and marketing, and better serve customers/clients through effective content marketing, messaging, and communication.



1) Hi Jason, can you tell us a bit about your remote work experience?


I have worked remotely for over 9 years starting with working with businesses I connected with in different forums, networking events, and online chat groups while I was still in college.


I mainly started writing content and conducting research for political think tanks and non profits and then expanded from there teaching myself computer programming and digital marketing. I’ve always worked remotely while also holding full time in-person jobs for some different time periods. I worked in person at agencies as a software developer, support engineer, and content writer, and worked at Abercrombie & Fitch’s home office as an ecommerce developer. I then transitioned to the Digital Director for StoryBuilders a fully remote company.


After a number of years with them I worked with a small agency in Columbus, Ohio mostly remote, but with occasional travel/in-person office visits. Now I’m the content marketing manager with Motava ( a successful digital marketing agency with IT and custom software development services as well. I have 2 side businesses Catalyst Growth Group where I still do occasional growth consulting for companies and entrepreneurs, and Catalyst Training Group my own teaching/learning content company where I promote my own content and promote the content of other organizations and businesses on my platform.


I love working remotely. I have a team all across the world working all the time. I can arrange and rearrange my schedule for whats best for me, my family, and my team as well. It is the most effective way to work if done effectively.



2) My best tip for content marketing or growing your business


Have you seen those people like Gary Vee, John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, and others produce content and wish you could produce similar content? I’ve created my own catalyst content formula that I use to create and promote effective content that’s authentic and driven for technical SEO rankings.


I use the following 5 steps to help companies create a gold mine out of their information, product, or service:


Step 1: Create long-form pillar content (keynote speech, vlog, podcast): You take the time to create high quality large pieces of content that can be used in other pieces of content.


Step 2: Create short-form content (article, meme, image, quote, video, mashup video, remix, etc.): From one large piece of pillar content you can probably get around 10-50 blog posts/guest blog posts or short videos.


Step 3: Distribute the Social content on various social networks: From the micro-content you can create all of the content you need for platforms like: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, Website, Email List, etc.


Step 4: Watch the response: After you post the content on the different social platforms you want to watch the response you get with your engagement and analyze which pieces are resonating the most with an audience.


Step 5: Create and share the parts of the pillar content that resonate the most: As you test out the content that resonates the most with your audience you can better determine what kinds of content your audience is craving. Focus in on creating what kind of content is resonating.


I actually break this down in more detail in one of my case studies sharing how I created the Secrets of Closing the Sale masterclass with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and The Ziglar Corporation.



3) Where can people learn more from you and how can they reach you?


You can reach me at

You can listen to Jason on YouTube where he talks more about Remote Work, Content Marketing, And Where To Get Connected With Me (YouTube)

You can learn more about me and my businesses here:

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