Want to make an easy €50?
Simply spread the word to a successful candidate!



How it works:

1. Spread the word about The Remote Trip to someone who might be interested in joining one of our trips

2. Make sure the potential candidate fills out your name as "referrer" at the online application form

3. Candidate should be accepted and an officially signed participant of a The Remote Trip's program

4. You receive +€50 in your bank account as soon as they have paid the down payment!



The Remote Trip referral terms

1. We welcome referrers from countries all over the world.

2. The referrer will earn €50 in cash, payable by bank transfer or Paypal, once the candidate being referred is successfully admitted to one of The Remote Trip's programs and pays the down payment. 

3. There is no limit to the number of referrals that a person can make.

4. Candidates can only be referred to The Remote Trip once. In the event that a candidate is referred to The Remote Trip more than once by the same referrer and/or by other referrers, only the first referrer will be eligible for a referral money under this scheme. The Remote Trip reserves the right of judgement and all decisions are final.

5. Each referral must be of a completely new customer and not someone already using our services.

6. To qualify for the €50 payment, the new candidate must be able to confirm the full name of the referrer.

7. Referrers must be able to supply sufficient payment details to make the payment possible or no payment will be made.

8. It is the referrer’s responsibility to provide a valid email address, contact details and payment details.



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