Personal Branding, Online Marketing & Remote Business w. Raegan Daley (TRT Spotlight)

Raegan Daley is a Communications Consultant, Personal Brand Coach, Marketer, and Writer for her remote business “The Caption Girl” (@captiongirl). She’s currently also pursuing her MBA at Florida International University, which is one of the most elite business programs in the nation. This program is completely virtual, which allows her to study and work remotely from her home country in Montego Bay, Jamaica.


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Hi Raegan! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?


Hi everyone!


My name is Raegan Daley. I’m a Communications Consultant, Personal Brand Coach, Marketer and Writer!


I attended the number one college in Florida – The University of Florida, (GO GATORS!) – where I received my Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from the College of Journalism and Communications. 


Since then, I’ve worked with a few corporations, ranging from Holiday Inn in Orlando, to Sunset at the Palms in Negril, Jamaica, to boost their social presence or write on their behalf.


I’m currently pursuing my MBA at Florida International University, which has one of the most elite business programs in the nation! This program is fully virtual, which allows me to operate and work from my home in Montego Bay, Jamaica.



Can you tell us more about your remote business?



My brand, “The Caption Girl” (@thecaptiongirl) became a business late last year! (2019).


At first, my personal brand was a place to start sharing my insightful ideas about happenings in the media, public relations tactics and even fun facts. 


However, in the past few months it has become a place for me to focus on helping small businesses and young professionals enhance their brand online – which is where the business aspect of it comes into place.


My business has evolved to be one that serves overseas clients to help them elevate their brand presence through monitoring their social media and seeking placements for articles.


I also work with a group of clients in Western Jamaica, by monitoring their online presence and writing compelling captions for their social media. 


work remote and travel the world


How would you describe your remote business experience so far?



Working remotely is quite interesting. Each day brings forth something new. 


There is a lot of discipline involved in remote learning (as I am still in school) and in remote working as well.


The first thing I’ve done is actually set up my room in order to make it conducive to work. 


This designated work station allows me to actually feel like I am in a homely space, but still allows me to handle very corporate needs.


Prior to this pandemic, it was very difficult for me to explain to others that I was working from home. People thought of it as almost impossible because, how could being at home mean that you were also working?


Needless to say, I was always trying to find a way to explain what my work schedule looked like. Friends would know I take a break at 1 p.m. and being located in Jamaica, that meant 2 p.m. for my friends that lived in the States.


Hence, it was always a bit difficult to communicate in the day, as they worked too!


Overall there are perks and there are challenges. One of the main perks being, if I wanted to be outside or at let’s say Starbucks for the day, while working, there was a great possibility that yes, I could do that. 


The difficulty, probably remaining focused.



What is the most important skill a remote business entrepreneur needs?


Organization is probably the single most important thing a remote entrepreneur can have. 


Without keen organization skills, one can assume that this entrepreneur would not have much productivity.


For me, organization skills are everything. I try to plan my days well, in order to maximize the potential for me to meet all clients’ needs. With organization, also comes prioritization. Knowing what to work on first, next and even last, is a key skill to have when everyone’s work is important.



What is your biggest challenge as a remote business entrepreneur, and how do you overcome it?


I would say maintaining a positive attitude in the home and trying not to get distracted is the biggest challenge I face as a remote business entrepreneur.


I often feel the fear of missing out “FOMO,” which essentially causes me to feel that people are experiencing more from their work experiences, by interacting with their colleagues and co-workers. 


Whilst, I spend my time interacting virtually on Zoom calls. 


I also wonder if I had my own office space in a plaza maybe, that I would potentially be able to meet more people and even spread the name of my business organically. I believe in visibility and interactions, so this is a huge consideration of mine.


I overcome this by remaining optimistic and revisiting my short and long term goals at least once a month. This reminds me not to compare my journey to someone else’s and to always be humble and wait for the good to unfold.



What is your best tip for personal branding and content marketing?



Be your personal brand every day.


Work your hardest, be your best self and never forget that you are your brand, always.


When I think of personal branding and content marketing, I think of being the best you can be at all times and standing out. 


You need to give people a reason to work with you! What can you share that connects you to your target audience. 


What value do you bring to those who want to spend money with you? Give them a reason to care and fall in love with your brand! 


These are the things to think about.



Awesome! Is there anything else you like to share?



To anyone considering the entrepreneurial journey that may be reading this article – it never gets easier. But, each time you overcome something, it becomes more fulfilling! 


I urge you to go after every passion you have with a mighty strength and NEVER give up. 


All entrepreneurs have bad days, but this in turn makes for a GOOD life.



Where can people find and reach you?


I am on Facebook at Raegan Daley

I am on INSTAGRAM @thecaptiongirl & @raeganssdaley

You can connect with me on LinkedIn here.


– Team @ The Remote Trip



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work remote and travel the world

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