"Alone we can do so little; 
together we can do so much."
- Helen Keller

Housing Anywhere

Housing Anywhere is a medium-term housing platform, where people going abroad for a few months can rent out their rooms to people coming into their city for a few months. It originally started as a platform where incoming and outgoing exchange students could rent out their rooms for a short period abroad. Nowadays it has grown to become a global platform for medium-term house rent and exchange.

The Remote Trip participants have exclusive rights to offer their accommodation - for free - on the platform. Perfect to generate lots of extra passive income during the trip!

The Remote Lifestyle

The Remote Lifestyle exists to inspire and to show you, step-by-step how to quit your job, become a remote worker or freelancer, and travel the world. It is a combination of original articles, podcasts, and videos along with resources that have been vetted and used extensively. Moreover, we are thrilled to have Victor Kung (Founder of The Remote Lifestyle) on our six-month Asia & Latin America trip 2017!


Lifeworks is one of our carefully selected key partners that will support The Remote Trip participants in their personal development journey via Coaching, Mentoring & Training. Eddie Moore, founder of Lifeworks, has 30+ years of life/business experience combined with NLP/TLT (Neuro Linguistic Programming/Time Line Therapy) & other high level coaching/training qualifications delivered by world class providers (like Tony Robbins).

As our trusted partner, all The Remote Trip applicants get a FREE 30-minute Skype coaching/mentoring session with Lifeworks PLUS for those who will attend the Chiang Mai experience, Lifeworks will provide a 1-day ‘Breakthrough & Ultimate Success’ workshop (included in the package price). Additionally, our participants enjoy custom designed coaching/training sessions plus certified NLP/TLT Programs at special discounted rates. 


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