Reopening Soon: Mastermind Retreats in Bali for Top Entrepreneurs In 2020

Brigitte van der Pluijm is the owner of CoworkParadise – a company that brings together a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to paradise in Bali to connect, learn, zoom out, and, ultimately, grow their business. COVID19 has put the entire travel industry on pause, however, Brigitte is optimistic to reopen her Bali retreats soon again.


Since 2015, CoworkParadise has hosted numerous mastermind retreats for top entrepreneurs and is listed in the World’s Top 6 Best Business Retreats by Urban List. 



“I bring +$250,000 level entrepreneurs together in Bali to connect, learn, zoom out, and, ultimately, grow their business.”


“I have personally experienced what the power of a network can do for your business – if the circumstances are right. Therefore, I’ve made it my personal mission to provide all the ingredients to get your energy flowing.¨says Brigitte.


“Many of our participants say “I wish I’d done this sooner”, or “this was the best experience of my life”, or “this experience is a must-do for every business owner”. Some members have even doubled their revenues with their business within one year after a CoworkParadise experience!”, says Brigitte.



What does a mastermind retreat in Bali look like?


“During a CoworkParadise mastermind retreat, a participant has two or three weeks to spar with other entrepreneurs, to clear the agenda and to work for hours in peace and quiet thanks to the time difference with Europe and the United States. Moreover, Bali is so different from everything you are used to in the West that clearing your mind and unwinding goes without saying.”


“The climate is wonderful, the people are incredibly friendly and calm and know no stress at all. You really leave your routines and that brings new ideas and insights. If you combine that with ten other entrepreneurs from all over the world who share their knowledge and want to share successes, failures, and experience, then that creates a synergy that will take you further.”



Because customers and staff in the West are still asleep, the busy participants in the business retreat in Bali have a wonderfully quiet morning, says Brigitte. “That turned out to be a real result that I hadn’t thought about before. Staff suddenly took on responsibilities, participants say, just because they had to. When it’s time to sleep here, it’s around 3:00 PM in Europe. This way you also learn to let go of the work. “


The participants stay in a hotel near the sea and the rice fields and they can start the day with yoga on the rooftop.


What makes your retreat different from others?


“CoworkParadise has a revenue threshold of €250,000 and we deliberately do not work with start-ups”, says Brigitte.


“I personally screen each applicant to make sure there is a good fit in the group. I use a revenue threshold and deliberately do not work with start-ups. We want entrepreneurs to run a successful business so that participants can really learn from each other.” 


“Participants must, therefore, have revenues of a minimum of €250,000 per year. They really need a lot of knowledge so that others can learn from them,” says Brigitte. 



Share knowledge, make friends for life, and have an unforgettable time


Sometimes the participants become friends for life, says Brigitte, or they decide to work together. “We start the morning with a kickstart in which everyone tells their goal of the day.” How do I get more bonds with my staff, for example, or how does my product remain innovative? How do I get a subsidy and can I let my staff work remotely (outside the office)? The intention is that entrepreneurs learn from each other.


Brigitte also hires external parties for support, such as a business coach or growth specialist. In addition to sparring, networking, and learning from each other, the retreat owner organizes trips, there is time to enjoy the island, yoga, and food.


“We have recently been picked up by Urban List and named one of the best six business retreats in the world. I am delighted with this compliment. I’m very excited to finally reopen our unique retreat applications again!”


Are you a €250K+/year entrepreneur? Want to enjoy a unique Mastermind experience in Bali with fellow top entrepreneurs?

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– Interview with Brigitte v. d. Pluijm, owner of CoworkParadise



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