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We make working remote a breeze

Last year, our TRT community said NO to the old way of working, and traveled, lived, and worked all over the world to create life-changing experiences together.


This year, we’re helping MORE people make the leap from an office job to working remote (i.e. work from anywhere with your laptop!). 


With years of experience in the remote work industry, we’ve designed a proven step-by-step system for aspiring remote workers to make a seamless transition from traditional office jobs to remote work. All you have to do is join us!


Get Started.

Get started with our newest “How to Work Remote, Travel the World & Live Life on Your Own Terms Ebook 2019”


Take Action.

Learn skills to become a remote worker, freelancer, or entrepreneur: Online Courses | Like-minded Community | Expert Support


Enjoy Your New Lifestyle.

Enjoy your life of freedom & flexibility: Book A Trip | Work From Anywhere | Create Memorable Experiences

Get Started Now – with our Ebook 2019

Ready to dive into the world of remote work? Start with our “How to work remote, travel the world & live life on your own terms” Ebook 2019. You’ll learn:


✔ Explore which remote work opportunities are best for you

✔ 7 steps you need to take for a successful remote work transition

How to find your first remote job, freelance client, or online customer

And a lot more…

Take Action – learn the skills you need

Already familiar with remote work, but having difficulties making the transition? We’ve designed 3 signature online MasterCourses for you, including:


✔ MasterCourses customized for aspiring remote employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs

✔ Certifications to build trust with employers & clients

✔ Support with creating your online portfolio, professional website, business setup, etc… and a lot more!

Enjoy your new lifestyle – take a Trip

Already have a remote job, and feeling like a memorable trip? We’ve cherrypicked the best remote work experience for you:


Immerse yourself in the local culture

✔ Work from creative co-working spaces

✔ Make lifelong friends with fellow like-minded remote employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs

✔  Enjoy adventurous activities and create new memorable experiences!

And a lot more…

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