Gifts To Buy For A Digital Nomad

Holidays are just around the corner and everyone is running around to get the right gifts for their family and friends. But what do you buy your digital nomad friend/brother/sister/daughter/son who’s always running off to other places? Obviously a pair of socks just won’t do (because it means more for them to carry around), and likely you won’t even be able to give it to them in person. So how can you still shower your loved ones with gifts if they can’t hold still?

We are here to help you! Here are 5 gifts that are perfect for digital nomads. You won’t only make your DN friend super happy, but they are also quick to buy online or send to any address in the world.  Win-win-win!

If the gifts below don’t tickle your fantasy. Then it’s good to know that digital nomads are mostly concerned with three things: traveling, their laptop + technology accessories, and wifi connections.  So as long as you’re in that area, you’re good!



One of our most expensive costs is always flight tickets. So we’d love it if you bought us a flight to our next destination! Nowadays this really doesn’t have to be that expensive. Europe has many budget airlines that allow you to fly for as low as $10, Asia flights are always cheap and even in North-America you can find bargain deals to other places (with that in mind, don’t forget to check out our blog post on how to buy flight tickets 20-50% cheaper) Buying a flight for a digital nomad can also be fun because you decide their next destination and they don’t have to think about it. Surprise!


Overnight stay

The second biggest necessity for a digital nomad is having comfortable accommodation with high speed internet. Sometimes it’s awesome and sometimes it’s horrible. So, you can majorly help a digital nomad out by giving an airbnb voucher or booking the accommodation altogether for a few nights. Just make sure to check that the internet is rocketspeed (often reviews of a place will tell you this). On top of that, what we would personally love is to get a luxury hotel stay for a couple of nights, especially after arriving at a new place. Staying at budget-medium range places can get tiring after a while. So going straight from the airport to a nice hotel and sleeping off our jet lag in huge bed would be amazing!


Co-working space membership

If you know that your digital nomad friend is going to be in one place for a longer period of time you might consider buying them a weekly or monthly membership to a nice co-working space in their area. These expenses can be quite high, so we’d love to get some support to go to these co-working spaces to meet other like minded people, or to be able to completely focus. Often you can sign up and pay for them online. Your friend will thank you loads!


Wireless internet hotspot device

We are always struggling with this. Having bad internet is the worst thing that can happen to a digital nomad who’s planned a productive day, because now we have to go find a different spot and pray for enough outlets or a comfortable place to work… Therefore, having a wireless internet hotspot is like heaven for digital nomads. Although this is a slightly more expensive gift, it’ll makes us happy every single day we’re using it. Buy it online and have it delivered to an address anywhere in the world.


Entertainment subscription

Finally, everyone loves watching movies and series online because it keeps you sane (distracts your mind) when work is stressful and it can make you relax before going to sleep. So why not give your friend a membership to Netflix or Amazon Prime and get them hooked on the latest series? You can easily do it online and the digital nomad can watch whenever and wherever they want. Perfect!


Bonus: noise cancelling headphones

Okay this is on the list as a bonus point just because we personally want this so bad! Quite an expensive gift, but at times when we’re working in a busy cafe we’d love to have noise cancelling headphones to drown out all the sounds around us and just focus while listening to music. If you really love your digital nomad friend or family member you might consider shipping this to them. We know they’d be forever thankful!

That’s it folks! We hope you’ll have the best holidays, whether you’re with your actual family, friends that feel like family, or friends that you’ve just met on the road. Wherever you are, remember that you’re incredibly lucky to be able to live this dream of a remote lifestyle.

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂


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