◆  Who can apply for the program?

The Remote Trip organizes trips for people who want to travel in a community while working remotely as a remote employee, freelancer, entrepreneur, or someone who is working on a personal project. As long as you are able to financially sustain yourself given the commitment to the program, you can apply.


◆  Can I apply for The Remote Trip if I don’t have a remote job yet?

Yes, you can. However, we only accept applicants who seriously want to transition to the remote lifestyle and aim to find a remote job. For this reason we offer The Remote Starter Kit, which covers everything we wish we had when we took the scary leap into the unknown. It will guide you in your transition to the remote lifestyle and helps you in your job search. However, we would like to emphasize that The Remote Trip is not a job provider - finding a remote job remains your end-responsibility. 


◆  What does the application process look like?

The application process consists of three rounds:

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. 30-min Skype call with a cofounder to see if there's a mutual fit between you and The Remote Trip.
  3. Final review of the application and invite of successful applicants.


◆  Can I take trips in between?

Yes, you can and we gladly encourage you to do so! Remember: we want you to live the life you want, while working. Nevertheless, we are looking to maintain the community spirit, so it will be an even greater experience if you do these trips with people from the group, or a few days at a time.


◆  What if I have questions or concerns during The Remote Trip?

During the trip we will be present and available for you every day. Please don’t hesitate to voice any questions or concerns you may have, and we will make it our priority to help you. Our main goal during the trip is to provide you with a seamless and high-quality experience.


◆  What are the visa requirements?

Visa requirements vary by country of citizenship. Please check out this page for your specific visa requirements. Once selected for the trip, we will discuss the visa requirements regarding your specific nationality with you individually.


◆  What are the passport requirements?

Your passport must be valid for at least six months after entering the last country on your trip.


◆  What about travel insurance?

We do not provide travel insurance. You are personally responsible for your insurance during The Remote Trip, and we highly recommend that you make sure you have one. Traveling can be unpredictable and we surely have been saved by travel insurance multiple times! You can find a few insurance providers here: Global Travel Insurance, Allianz and World Nomads.


◆  What do you mean by “activities” in the package?

Throughout the trip, we'll organize social activities for you, such as cooking classes, dinners, and day-trips.  We also organize personal & professional development workshops for you, such as a 1-day NLP Breakthrough & Ultimate Success Formula workshop or the 2-day Nomad Summit Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand. If you see another activity during the trip that you would like to do with the community, you can inform us and we'll try our best to make it happen!


◆  Can I decide to join the Latin America trip after the Asia Trip, if I have only booked the first three months?

Well, that depends on the availability of spots on the Latin-America trip, as we only have 30 slots. However, if possible we'll always make sure you can continue your journey with us (tip: Book the 6-month trip directly to receive the flight ticket from Asia to Latin America worth €1200 as a bonus, this is not included when you book separately).


◆  Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we certainly do! Check out the options below on how to save money for the trip:

  1. Share a room and receive €200 monthly discount (see info below).
  2. Pay the total amount of the trip up front, and receive 10% discount on the last month.
  3. Refer a successful applicant and receive €50.
  4. Participate in our Win A Free Flight raffle - it could be your ticket to the start of the trip!


◆  Can I choose to share a room rather than having a private room?

Yes, you can! And each of you even get a monthly €200 discount on the program if you choose to do so. Please indicate on the online application form that you would like to share a room. If you have a friend or partner that is also applying for the program and you would like to share the room with him/her, please mention his/her name in the "Additional Comments" section of the online application.


◆  Yay, I got accepted!! Now what?

First of all - do a celebration dance! You're about to have a life changing experience. 

After that, The Remote Trip will send you a Welcome Package that will guide you through preparing for the Trip, including:

  • VISA and border entry requirements
  • Immunization requirements
  • Medical and travel insurance information
  • Pack lists

We are here to help you during every step of this exciting process!


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