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Our Story

What is The Remote Trip?

The Remote Trip aims to help people who are still stuck in the traditional office cubicle to become location-independent remote workers, freelancers, or entrepreneurs in a smooth, supportive, and trustworthy way. No more headaches browsing the internet, spending endless amounts of hours trying to find the best information out there… in order to make this lifestyle a reality. We’ve got you.


We’ve designed the best resources so you can make the transition by simply following a proven step-by-step blueprint that suits your needs. These are the resources we WISH we had when starting out!


We’ve taken care of the hassle, crafted the best resources from years of experience, and are now on a mission to help more people like you make the transition – now all you have to do is join us!

What is The Remote Trip's long-term vision?

The Remote Trip’s vision is to help as many people as possible to live life on their own terms. We do this by offering the best resources that help you with the transition from traditional office work to working remotely in a supportive, fast, and trustworthy way while building a worldwide like-minded community.


We believe that working remotely is the future of work and that we need to prepare the traditional workforce as much as possible right now.

What is The Remote Trip's mission in the near future?

We are on a mission to help 1 MILLION aspiring remote workers before 2023 to live the life of their dreams.

How did The Remote Trip start?

On February 1st 2017, the first TRT community with people from all corners of the world flocked together in Chiang Mai, Thailand to join our very first inaugural trip. Every month more people joined the community in the next exciting destination, ready for a new adventure.


In total, we’ve traveled to 5 vibrant remote work destinations all around the world, welcomed 10+ nationalities, made 100+ new friends along the way, and made countless new memories. We had an unforgettable time learning how to surf in beautiful Bali, enjoying Thai massages after work in Chiang Mai, and dancing salsa in Panama together. And a lot more!


This year, we want to open up this way of living, traveling, and working to as many people as possible, by helping MORE people make the leap from an office job to working remote (i.e. work from anywhere with your laptop)!

Why choose The Remote Trip?

Don’t let us convince you why you should choose us, hear what our TRT community says.

What are The Remote Trip's core values?

We believe in each and every core value listed below. We reflect on them every day, to make sure everything we do is in line with what is most important to us.

Ultimate Freedom

The #1 goal for every human being.



Constant learning & development.


Meaningful Relationships

With family, friends, strangers, and even yourself.



Feeling truly and intensely happy and fulfilled.


Health & Wellbeing

Because happiness starts from within.



Real, honest, and authentic communication and relationships.

Our Business

Is The Remote Trip a job provider?

No, The Remote Trip is not a job provider. We do however aim to provide the best resources possible for people looking to transition from a traditional office job to a remote job (with your current employer or a new employer), a freelancer, or an online entrepreneur.

What does The Remote Trip provide?

We believe there are three steps in the process of transitioning from a traditional office job to a remote job: 1) Get Started by Gaining Knowlege, 2) Learn the Skills, and 3) Enjoy Your New Lifestyle.


To get started (step 1), we highly suggest reading our “How to Work Remote, Travel the World & Live Life on Your Own Terms” E-book 2019 to gain all the knowledge you need to embark this journey.


Based on this knowledge, you should learn the skills you need to be able to successfully transition to working remotely. To help you with this, we’ve designed three TRT MasterCourses for aspiring remote employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.


Finally, when you’ve taken the leap, you’re ready to enjoy your new lifestyle by joining a Trip!

Where do I start if I don't have a remote job yet?

To get started (step 1), we highly suggest reading our “How to Work Remote, Travel the World & Live Life on Your Own Terms” E-book 2019 to gain all the knowledge you need to embark this journey.

Do I need to quit my job when I'm taking a course?

No, we highly suggest NOT to quit your job (yet…unless you really can’t wait any longer and you’ve got a decent amount of savings to keep you going :-)) during the course.


Our courses are designed to work perfectly alongside your current job. We’ve taken the hassle out of gathering the necessary information and a proven step-by-step plan for you, so you can simply follow the course while not missing out on your current income (and save more money for when you finally make the leap soon!)

Who is The Remote Trip for?

The Remote Trip is for you if:

Heavy Check Mark on Microsoft  You already work remote and want to join one of our Trips.

Heavy Check Mark on Microsoft  You don’t work remote yet, but you’re itching to break free from your traditional office job and become a remote employee, freelancer, or entrepreneur and work from anywhere!

Heavy Check Mark on Microsoft Open-minded, positive, and a “can-do mindset” are words that describe you.


The Remote Trip is NOT for you if:

❌ You aren’t willing to invest the time and effort to make your transition to remote work a success (our MasterCourses require a dedicated effort on your part to make your new lifestyle of freedom a reality!)

❌ You LOVE working from your 9-to-5 office and are not interested in having more flexibility and freedom to choose to work & travel wherever you want

❌ You HATE working from your laptop, and are looking for other work options

Do you offer any discounts for the online courses?

Yes, we certainly do! Check out the options below on how to save money for our online courses:


  1. Refer a friend and earn 10% of every purchase your friends make in the next 30 days – spread the word among your friends and start this exciting journey together!
  2. Secure your spot for our Early Bird Deals – For a limited time only, our Ebook 2019, TRT MasterCourses, and Trips are on offer for our special Early Bird prices.

Yes I've secured my spot for a MasterCourse! Now what?

First of all – do a celebration dance! You’re about to have a life-changing experience.


Within a few days after your purchase, The Remote Trip will send you a Welcome Email that will guide you through everything you need to prepare for your course. We’re excited to welcome you on board!