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Our Story

Are you currently feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and feel like you just KNOW there’s gotta be MORE TO LIFE than your 9-to-5 cubicle? We did too. That’s why we started The Remote Trip (a community for remote workers who live, work, and travel the world together) about three years ago.


Long story short: we’ve been traveling all over the world, created multiple profitable online businesses, and simply enjoyed living life on our own terms ever since. We wanted this lifestyle to be available for EVERYONE… but noticed there was one missing ingredient. We noticed there was a lack of education to teach people how to transition from their 9-to-5 to a remote job. 


So we decided to put together this ebook that teaches you how you can work remote, travel the world & live life on YOUR own terms, too. Now, it’s our mission to help freedom seekers like you and us to live life on your own terms. Are you joining the movement?

What Our TRT Community Says…

“Last year I was still working in my 9-to-5 office cubicle in rainy Dublin. This year, thanks to the help & guidance of the TRT team, I’ve been working from California, Bali, Portugal, the Netherlands… and Colombia is up next! If you ‘re interested in working remote, I highly recommend TRT to help you in your journey.”


– Mandy F., LinkedIn Alumn & founder of Make the Leap Digital

“The “How to Work Remote, Travel the World, & Live Life on Your Own Terms” Ebook 2019 is such an inspiring resource! I really love the hands-on exercises and worksheets it provides which helped me identify and evaluate my long-term goals, marketable skills, and passions combined with a great source of inspiration. I love it!”


– Shilaan A., PhD @ Stanford University

“Travel, work, have fun and meet incredible people. All this is The Remote Trip. I’ve been part of the Bali crew, and TRT brought us to experience the best of the island while living in a high-quality villa and working in one of the most vibrant coworking spaces of the area (and probably of South-East Asia).”


– Marco T., Software Engineer @ Canonical