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How do you remain happy, healthy, and productive while working remotely?


Whether you’re working from home, a cafe, or a coworking space – freedom to choose where you work from and when you work also comes with its challenges…


✘ It can be difficult to create and maintain a healthy daily routine (although we know it makes us feel much happier and healthier)


✘ Maybe we don’t feel  “it” this week, and that bed looks way too comfy… (although we know there’s work that needs to be done)


✘ Sometimes we don’t feel particularly creative or inspired


✘ Sometimes we are so busy with all the other work and personal things in our lives, we delay our own wants and needs by another year.  Again. (although you know you want to crush your goals)

As current or future remote workers, we can’t afford to neglect our health, happiness, and productivity.

Your daily routine is the most important foundation to enjoy a happy, healthy, and productive remote work life!

Maybe you’re struggling with working from home amidst noisy kids, your motivation is below zero as your favorite Netflix series just got released, or you feel lonely as having conversations with your cat will only take you so far…

You need a plan that ensures that you increase your productivity, achieve your goals, and track your habits to continuously improve yourself. 


Your Personal Toolkit of Daily Productivity Planning, Inspiration & Templates To Keep You Happy, Healthy, and Productive

Designed for remote workers.


With 365 days of  daily productivity planning templates spanning one year (or print to have them unlimited)

183 unique and weekly inspirational quotes to keep you motivated, engaged and focused on your goals

100+ extra sections and templates for goal-setting, gratitude exercises, reflection, habit tracking, and more!

AND SIX summaries of the most impactful books of our lives and remote businesses (incl. 4 Hour Workweek, Rich Dad Poor Dad, How To Win Friends and Influence People, and more!)


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Get it at 43% off and be the first to get it!

We are fellow remote workers ourselves, and we know how challenging working remotely can be.


We’ve felt the pressure to show up at “work” – whether that’s from home, a cafe, a coworking space, or on a beach in Thailand – feeling productive, energized, and motivated to maintain the right work-life balance every single day.


Doing the things we knew was most important to keep us healthy, happy, and productive were often last on our priority list! Sometimes we felt inspired and productive, sometimes we were too lazy or busy.


We have even skipped entire workdays in the past due to a lack of planning, inspiration, and feeling “meh” that day, making us feel really guilty!


After working remotely all over the world, from all kinds of places, over the last 10 years combined and testing out to see what things we need to do to make the most out of our remote work lifestyles and which didn’t… 


We steadily worked our way towards a remote work lifestyle that left us feeling amazingly productive, crushing our goals, and adopting daily habits to make us feel healthy and happy with so much more ease.


But really, we’re most grateful that we can help other remote workers find “the rhythm” that keeps you feeling happy, energetic, and motivated to get the most out of your remote work lifestyle… without neglecting your personal and business needs. 


This Means You Can…


Find clarity and focus as you now possess a concrete and solid daily plan that you can implement into your remote work routine


Reduce stress as you feel more confident with your long- and short-term goals, daily to do’s, and prioritization plan for the day


Save your precious time as you save approximately 10 minutes by every minute of planning, giving you a 1,000 return on energy!


Feel happier and healthy by sticking to healthy morning and evening routines and super quick gratefulness exercises


Be more productive when working remotely by crushing your to-do list one by one


Get creative and inspired by our daily quotes

Get it at 43% off and be the first to get it!

“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent return on energy!” – Brian Tracy

Here’s What You Get Inside

Plan, reflect, improve – 12-Month The Remote Work Journal


  • You get 12 months of editable and printable remote work daily planning sheets… this means 365 days of remote work productivity!


  • The daily planning sheets include daily habits that are specifically designed for remote workers, such as screen breaks (to keep your eyes healthy and avoid headaches) or time spent outside (to get your necessary Vitamine D intake).


  • The journal also prompts you to be mindful of your social interaction, by for example reaching out to a friend, family member, colleague, relative, or anyone else you like to connect with (to make you feel more connected).

Supercharge your productivity – 365 Daily Productivity Templates


  • The 365 daily productivity templates are editable and printable, so you can easily use the sheets online or in the printed version.


  • The daily productivity templates include a gratitude section, where you can write down three things you’re grateful for each day. This exercise has scientifically proven to increase happiness and wellbeing.


  • It also includes daily unique inspirational quotes, morning and evening routine trackers, health & wellbeing exercises, self-development exercises, rewards, and more.

Define & Exceed – 52 Weekly Goal-setting & Reflection Templates


  • Start your week with planning and setting goals for the week ahead, and end your week with reflection, so that you can continuously improve yourself week by week.


  • Break down your long-term and short-term goals into manageable weekly milestones, so that you get more clarity on how to achieve your goals while keeping the momentum.

Stand on the shoulders of Giants – 365 Daily Inspirational Quotes


  • Get inspired on a daily basis with unique quoted every day.


  • Creative and inspiring backgrounds.


  • Learn from successful people such as Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Jim Carrey, Marcus Aurelius, etc. by reading their inspirational quotes as you work your way towards achieving your goals.

Work with Intention & Vision – Long-term & Short-term Goalsetting Exercises


  • Define your long-term and short-term goals, and break them down into weekly milestones to ensure you work your way towards them in a manageable, intentional, and effective way.


  • Create daily habits and routines that support your bigger goals to start creating the life you want.


  • … and more!

That’s Not All! You Get These 6 Additional Bonuses Too When You Purchase The Remote Work Toolkit Today.


✔ Daily fitness plans/tracking templates to build a healthy and fit body


✔ Weekly meal plans templates to nurture a healthy lifestyle


✔ Financial budgeting and debt management sheets to keep track of your finances


✔ Project management templates to help you finish your projects easier, faster, and with more clarity


✔ Travel checklist and trip planning templates to help you prepare for your (remote work) trips


✔ SIX summaries of the most impactful books of our lives and remote businesses (incl. 4 Hour Workweek, Rich Dad Poor Dad, How To Win Friends and Influence People, and more!)


For a whopping no-brainer offer of just… $27! (!!!)

Get it at 43% off and be the first to get it!

We are SO confident that you’ll absolutely LOVE this toolkit that we are offering a 15-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with The Remote Work Toolkit for whatever reason, contact us within 15 days and we will gladly refund you all your money back. All the risk is on us!

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