The Remote Trip is here for you. The you that wants to explore the world,
meet new people, and have the time to focus on your own passions - whether
you're already working remotely or you're still stuck in your 9-to-5 office cubicle.

We're passionate about creating memorable life-changing experiences that bring out the best in you.
We do this by bringing together a like-minded and inspiring community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and
remote workers who work, live, and travel the world together.

Our Trips in 2017

Join the community for 1, 3, or 6 months.


 1-month Trip: 
Can't commit to a 3 or 6-month period, or just want to get a taste of the remote lifestyle?
Join us in one of the destinations below for 1-month only!

  3-month Trip
Are you ready to explore one continent, while working, living, and traveling to 3 different countries?
Join us for the 3-month Asia or Latin America Trip!

 6-month Trip
Want to go all-in and explore two continents, while working, living, and traveling to 6 different countries?
Join us for the 6-month Asia & Latin America Trip!


Note: the 3 and 6 month Trips include the flights between the destinations.






We take care of the hassle, while you enjoy life

Our trips include:


Accommodations at all locations (private room)

All flights & transport between destinations

 Work spaces with high-speed internet 

Keynote speakers and professional workshops

Gym passes, yoga sessions, and relaxing massages

Local activities and fun communal events




Personal & professional development

Personal & professional development

Because you value growth & learning:
Interesting keynote speakers, professional
workshops, and a valuable network.

High-quality experiences

High-quality experiences
Because you deserve nothing but the best:
Personally inspected accommodation,
co-working spaces, and great facilities.

Like-minded community

Like-minded community

Because life’s best things are done together:
A professional network of remote workers, brainstorm sessions, and new friends for life.

Health & well-being

Health & well-being

Because a happy body is a happy mind:
Free gym passes, yoga sessions, and

a coupon for relaxing massages.

Local cultural immersion

Local cultural immersion

Because you think globally, but act locally:
Volunteer opportunities, cooking classes,
and traditional local activities.

Social Activities


Social Activities

Because you work hard, but play harder:
Regular social activities, parties,
and exciting day-trips.


Program costs

 *1-Month Trip: option to extend your stay in case there's a spot left for the next destination. Flights in between destinations not included in this plan.

Find out how you can cover the main part of the program costs through generating monthly passive income

And check out our other discount options.


"The best investment you will ever make is in yourself." - Warren Buffet



The Remote Trip is not a job provider. However, in case you don't have a remote job yet, we offer The Remote Starter Kit as a tool to help you in your job search. Please note this is only a tool to support you and will not guarantee a job - this remains your responsibility.