the remote trip


Well, that map pretty much sums up our story! Needless to say, we both love to meet new people,
experience new cultures, and simply discover the world. We experience the feeling
of happiness, growth, and fulfilment you get from traveling around the world first-hand every single day.


Having both graduated from great universities with various Master degrees in hand,
followed by some years of corporate experience at companies such as Unilever and
Deloitte, we both recognized this was not our road to happiness and fulfilment.
Our success is defined by being able to do what you love most.


So one day, we left our secure and high-paying corporate jobs, booked a one-way ticket to
Thailand and Costa Rica, and started living a remote lifestyle. This way of living allows you to explore the world,
meet inspiring people, and simply lets you be the best version of yourself.


Creating such life changing experiences for others, is exactly what we aim to do at The Remote Trip.

The Founders

Digital Nomad Amy

Amy Fransz

Amy is a half Dutch, half Indonesian travel addict. From the moment she left Europe in 2007 for her first trip to the US, she knew that the world is her home and she intends to explore every corner of it. Fast-forward nine years later she has lived in four different countries, traveled to 38 countries, and does not intend to settle in the Netherlands just yet. Amy is known as “the adventurer”: so she dove with sharks in Colombia, zip-lined in Costa Rica, and sand boarded an active volcano in Nicaragua! Besides that she loves yoga, eating Indo food, and hanging with her twin sis.


Digital Nomad Michelle

Michelle Monty

Michelle's travel bug started in 2009 when she set off to study French in Nice and backpack through Australia for a year. It felt like she had finally found the source of eternal happiness, so she has visited 39 countries since then and lived in 5 of them. Michelle studied a double-degree Masters in International Management, during which she organized a business trip to Mumbai for 40 students. You can wake her up for Asian food, to listen to music, or to surf for a bit. The surfing might mean getting knocked in the head by a board, as she is just a beginner!


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