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Why should you join us?

The Remote Trip is passionate about creating memorable life-changing experiences, that bring out the best in you.
We believe learning from each other, contribution, and personal development is key to success and happiness.
Your experience will always be our number one priority.

Work, live, and travel the world. Together.

We bring together a like-minded and inspiring community of entrepreneurs,
freelancers, and remote workers who work, live, and travel the world together. The 9-to-5 office job
is history, and we're the lucky ones to experience the rise of the remote work generation. 

We take care of high-quality accommodation, transportation, work spaces,
gym passes & yoga, workshops, massages, and local & social activities with an
awesome community. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. 

Which trip will you join in 2017?

Join the community for 1, 3, or 6 months.





Personal & professional development

Because you value growth & learning:
Interesting keynote speakers, professional
workshops, and a valuable network.

High-quality experiences

Because you deserve nothing but the best:
Personally inspected accommodation,
co-working spaces, and great facilities.

Like-minded community

Because life’s best things are done together:
A professional network of remote workers, brainstorm sessions, and new friends for life.

Health & well-being

Because a happy body is a happy mind:
Free gym passes, yoga sessions, and
a coupon for relaxing massages.

Local cultural immersion

Because you think globally, but act locally:
Volunteer opportunities, cooking classes,
and traditional local activities.

Social Activities

Because you work hard, but play harder:
Regular social activities, parties,
and exciting day-trips.

the remote trip
the remote trip
digital nomad community
the remote trip
digital nomad community
the remote trip
the remote trip
the remote trip
digital nomad community
the remote trip

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